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A soloact act is what you get when you cross an egotistical dysfunctional musician with Karaoke. Usually plays 70's jukebox music backed by midi instrumentation. More popular in places where nobody popular tours, like Australia, Canada, Northern France and the ultimate entertainment hot spot...South Africa. In London Ontario soloacts rank high in popularity right behind wedgie pulling and five pin bowling.
"hey Gord, I hear theres a soloact act playing at the Legion tonight!"
"Nah Dougie, I'm going over to Canadian Tire to check out radiator hoses, eh"
by Sid Bonfire June 16, 2008
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When someone does something stupid by themself.
They either choose to, are force to, or symply end up proceeding alone on a mission that shows very little likleyhood of a non-negative outcome.
"I'm not riding along for this death-defying stunt! Better make it a Solo-Act, man!"
"Johnny went on some kind of Solo-Act last night and ended up in jail."
"Fuck it! If nobody wants to roll with me, I'll do a Solo-Act! Then I don't have to split the money!"
by JGSR July 24, 2006
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A soloact is usually a musician or singer who does things by themselves because playing in a band is not financially rewarding enough and not cost effective for today's pub or restaurant owner.
"Our bar only seats fifty people, so we cannot afford to hire a band, so let's book a soloact."
by Gary McGill January 25, 2007
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