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A Ukranian girls name

noun: A Crazy, Fun, Mad, insanely hot female with a passion for passion.
Boy: Wow, she's a proper Solie!
by Uzi McWoozie August 28, 2009
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The word solie usually is a Latina girl with brown hair and brown eyes. solie is good at making friends and usually always has at least 1 good friend. There’s always some guys that are into her. solie is good with guys that start with the letter “J”. Such as guys like Jason, Jacob, Juan, junuh, etc. that’s all!
P1: wow! Who’s that girl over there?
P2: oh that’s solie.
P1 wow! She’s cute!
P2: I know right!
by The Twinkie in the corner January 09, 2019
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A Substitute for a direction or action word in service work.
Worker 1: The couch is not fitting in the door?

Worker 2: We have to solie it this way.

Worker 1: Oh. . .got it!
by Solie August 15, 2010
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