A Living, Breathing True, American Hero.
A man who saved us from a nuclear meltdown in 1984.
Soldier Boy was Americas America's first superhero, slaughtering German soldiers by the dozen out on the battlefield.
by Nashar July 6, 2022
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1. An erect penis.

2. An ignorant rapper without Moral standards or upright principals. One who instead of rising above the ghetto crap, would rather infect the ears and minds of the rest of America's children with his ghetto type mindset.
1. Standing at attention.

2. Soulja Boy.

3. I said stand at attention soldier boy.
by HarryFuknDong September 27, 2007
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someone who would recklessly put themselves into danger or situation that may become unbenifical or "bad" without a plan or preperation due to aggresivness or eagerness.
Bob don't be a soldier boy, i know your angry, but starting something else can get you fired.

That soldier boy over there is just trying to get himself in trouble.
by QuietMezzo October 7, 2008
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jacking off a male will licking his nipple
I was at a club and we went back to my house so I had to, crank that soldier boy.
by AshleyWeiner November 4, 2007
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