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Soldeley is a name of Latin origin. Woman named Soldeley are street wise and know how to persuade, especially the opposite sex, to achieve a paticular goal usually involving money or of material goals. Usually very attractive, she has a knack when it comes to to being a player. She plays more than one man at a time a time, and is successfull in most of her endeavors especially when it comes to money or valuables. She loves living the "good life', and does whatever she needs to while pursuing her desires. She'll use her body in most cases, exposing her sexual nature. While hard woking and ambitious to further her life's goals, she most definitely knows how to to further her ambitions while balancing a variety of sugar daddies to add to the till. While being as best a mother as she knows to be, her way of life is certainly not the shining beacon of motherhood that will be the best example for her growing children. While displaying true love for her children and having a good heart, kind, and generous intrinsic goodness about her, woman named Soldeley will often override these basic virtuous implementations of the heart as secondary in nature, allowing achieving her financial goals by often being quite the player, and playing that role well.
As a Soldeley type of woman lives, a Soldeley woman reaps what she sows, especially as she ages from the blossom of a spring rose, to a bloom that eventually loses its youthful petals and fades from its former glory.
by OneOnOneGirl May 23, 2016
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