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A wonderful and playful soul. Sohiela is full of natural beauty. Sohiela has a bigger boy-side than most girls. but she can be just as girly. she is a really great artist and fun to hang out with. any boy would enjoy being her boyfriend. she is mostly skinny for the first 15 years of her life but soon she will have booty and hips. she is a great singer and dancer and is full of talents!!!!
Boy 1: who is that beatiful girl over there
boy 2: thats sohiela!!!
boy 1:is she single
boy 2: NOPE!!!!
by randomwordwizzard May 23, 2018
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Sohiela is a crazy woman! She is shy around some people but around most she is a maniac. Sohiela doesn’t realize how beautiful she is and can be quite annoying. She loves to make her friends laugh and she hates being alone. When you get on sohiela’s nerves she will snap. Sohiela is VERY SMART but doesn’t apply herself and can be defiant at times she is usually Persain from the roots of the name. She goes above and beyond for her friends and is and overall amazing friend and person. She lacks responsibility for things that don’t matter for her, and can be scared easily. Usually Sohiela’s friends names will start with A,S,E,B,J,R,N! If you ever meet a Sohiela never let her go she will stand with you through al times! She never leaves people she may need time to cool of or need a minute alone but she won’t leave. So when you leave her it really hurts her. She can be quite sensitive but doesn’t always show it. She is lazy but when something important happens she is ready for action. Sohiela is very creative and fun! Seriously If you find a Sohiela keep her!
Girl 1- “is that Sohiela?”

Girl 2-“yea
Girl 1-“ she seems nice
by randomwordwizzard April 16, 2019
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