A Male, Arabic name referring to one with a hot temper or fiery head. Usually used to described boys as being strong willed, born-leader and stubborn. Also used in reference to boy with reddish or sandy hair or a pink bloom or a Japanese God.
by deusex2000 February 15, 2010
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A Sohaib is the alpha of the pack. A tall and musclular nautural born leader with a big penis. He makes smart decisions in life and this is why people tend to follow him. Girls go crazy for him and chase him all the time. He scores the hottest bitches.
Girl 1: "Look at that guy over there. He is glowing and radiating at the same time. He is making me so horny. I think i am about to faint."
Girl 2: I know right. He is such a Sohaib!
by SautaurustheFifth November 24, 2019
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Horny and always wants to fuck somebody and he always asks for more after sex he is a sket
Sohaib is a sket
by Joshismalding July 25, 2019
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your so called homie who never comes through
don't be a sohaib and come hiking.
by kingkaiser April 02, 2019
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A person who doesn’t always make the smartest decisions with women, likes to keep nuts in his pants, a huge fan of a specific type of jewelry and loves the taste of raw amber
Oh you got a nut in your pants too? Just like Sohaib”
by Sarahtiv June 16, 2019
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chad based and redpilled caveman. he is very talented and sociable and all the ladies want him. he gets hundreds of feet pics from his female fans everyday, his gallery is almost full ( stop ladies please ). the amount of epicness that surounds this guy is unmatched, he is very tall and strong and thus clearly dominates all the other beta cuck males in his presence. he would almost be perfect had it not been for the burden of his fat big cock and balls ( :( ) .
are those your gf's feet pics? i bet Sohaib already has em lmao get owned cuck.
by Velvonyx August 17, 2021
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