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Soh cah toa is a shout mastered by a mathematical student who crossed Math and Skyrim in one final legendary moment to save pixilated dragons from human reality, which would either cause rifts througout time or a unreal glitch within realities time line.

Soh is a mathematical term which in dragons toung, means "feel"
Cah is a mathematical term which in dragons toung, means "my"
Toa us a mathematical term which in dragon toung, means "Math"
When seperate these are useless but together these will feed all your understanding of the subject math in a split second or depending on the effectiveness of your brain. If you have no understanding of math this is useless, if you have a year 7 understanding, you could send someone into a coma or on the less effective side, unconscious . If you understand all math terms or close to it, this has a potential to rip the mind from head to toe in an absolute explosion of compulsive flesh.
By the Third Era of the 4th decade, the shout was decided as evil and morally wrong.

Sir/Proffesor/Doctor Edmund Bartlem was the only one to use this shout and to this day no one else has used it in existance.
But if you want to be famous by all means try too, I dare you.

by Edmund bartlem.
by Sir/Doctor/Proffesor Edmund Ba November 07, 2016
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1) Trigonometry; 2) An acronym, the formula used in trigonometry classes so that students can remember trigonometric functions. It stands for: Sine=Opposite/Hypotenuse, Cosine=Adjacent/Hypotenuse, Tangent=Opposite/Adjacent.
Hey Ed, remember that equation Ms. Lubar gave you in class? Just remember sohcahtoa and you'll ace the test!
by pentozali November 30, 2005
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helps you remeber you cos,sin and tan.

Some Old Hippie Caught Another Hippie Tripping On Acid
i totally forgot what formula to use for tan, but then i remembered the acid poem (sohcahtoa)
by danitruant December 11, 2007
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Used in Geometry.
My teacher told me to remember it by: (S)ome (O)ld (H)ippie (C)aught (A)nother (H)ippie (T)rippin (O)n (A)cid.
Teacher: Okay so you remember SOH CAH TOA?

Us: you mean, some old hippie caught another hippie trippin on acid?

Teacher: Yes.
by youngin. May 14, 2010
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A mnemonic device to aid in recalling the relationships of the main trigonometric functions.

<S>ine is <O>pposite the <H>ypotenuse
<C>osine is <A>djacent to the <H>ypotenuse
<T>angent is <O>pposite over <A>djacent.

Sometimes written as "soh cah toa."
When analyzing a right triangle, remember "sohcahtoa."
by SG Fan November 01, 2004
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Some Old Hippie Caught Another Hippie Tripping On Acid.

Mnemonic device for SOHCAHTOA, referring to the trigonometric method of finding the sine, cosine, and tangent of a right triangle.
During Math quiz day, Johnny remembered SOHCAHTOA. The kid next to him actually did it.
by cymon April 30, 2007
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Trig mnemonic for:

Sine = Opposite/Hypotenuse
Cosine = Adjacent/Hypotenuse
Tangent = Opposite/Adjacent

Problem is, who can remeber how to spell this supposed Indian Princess name? Much better mnemonic is Sally Can Tell (sine/cosine/tangent in the vertical column) Oscar/Has, A/Hard, On/Always (opposite/hypotenuse, adjacent/hypotenuse/, opposite/adjacent, also vertically).
Socohtoa, Socahtohoa, Socotoah, Sohcahtoa, ??? Might as well remember the whole order of functions...
by pammy jammy September 04, 2007
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