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Usually played at a dance. Guys stand in a corner and place a cracker on the floor. They then proceed to
"ejaculate" all over it. The person to "ejaculate" the least on it has to eat it.
Girls usually played soggy fishstick.
Can be played with other objects.
Person1: Awwh man last night we played soggy cracker and I ended up eating it
Person2: Thats nothing. My girlfriends and I played soggy fishstick and it ended up being waterlogged fishstick. I had to eat it.
by Miss123 October 29, 2005
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A game usually played at a party or in the locker room. A group of guys encircle a cracker or pile of crushed crackers (usually saltines) and ejaculate on it. The one who cums last or cums the least has to eat the soggy crackers.
Whenever I play soggy crackers, all I can think about is your mom, so I end up having to eat the pile, with a spoon.
by Calvin Hobbes September 12, 2006
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