Soft sex is when you have sex on your own, or with a partner, in the company of one or more others, with physical contact occurring only with the consent of everyone in the room. In this context, the definition of sex is very broad and includes kissing, cuddling, erotic touch, watching porn together, watching others have sex, masturbation, manual sex, oral sex, bukkake and sexual intercourse. Soft swinging is an example of soft sex.
Sarah: Wanna come home for soft sex with me and Dan?
Kate: Yeah, I'll watch you both and maybe kiss you if I'm in the mood, but I'm not up for fucking Dan.
by Jack Wild October 25, 2008
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When a female tries to convince you, that they really only want or like Soft Sex all of the sudden, after being pounded and fucked deep and hard for a year and half, with the results being 1000’s of body trembling orgasms.

Usually it is made into a Scandal to use as an excuse or a smokescreen, that can pass as a reason to exit, or be a cold mean bitch. Also is used to make one fee bad, and think that their (very desirable) huge thick cock is actually hurting her or doing damage now a days.

This type of Scandal, will be used by the same kind of bullshit artist, as the girl who tries to convince you that her new guys pencil dick. is better than any thick big cock.

Soft Sex and Small Cocks are her specialty over night.
1. I really wanted to believe that baby brat I was dating, was mature, but when she needed an out, she pulled the Soft Sex Scandal card out again.

2. Hey Chief, your Ex GF is such a cheap, using, liar, to go with that Soft Sex Scandal shit again. After how hard you dicked her down, for a year and a half, that slut better pull her pants up and check herself.
by GIRTHQUAKE72 December 2, 2019
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