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n. Soconomy

A social-economic networking website that is owned by it's members through the free and equal distribution of voting class shares to any verifiable member that wants to join this online community.

Soconomy uses nominal commissions from its online auctions to pay for the development, maintenance and day to day operations of the website.

Soconomy shares 60% of advertising revenue with its members based on various metrics like how much content they upload, how many unique page visits their personal page receives, etc...

The remaining 40% of ad revenue is set aside in a pool that is invested at the end of each quarter into new Soconomy services, ventures, and charities that are selected by each member. Members have the option of donating money to any credible organization and the most popular causes will be ranked and awarded bonuses.

The greatest advantage of the Soconomy business model is that its members can reside in any nation in the world and still have the same voting power to replace the board of directors in case of suspected corruption and/or abuse by the Soconomy executives.

By using some of its massive revenue stream Soconomy can easily afford to set up many free services such as online classes (preschool to graduate studies) via web-cam for every member to use, free of charge.

Soconomy also offers the following services:

Peer to peer banking.
Free business tools for anyone wanting to sell commercial products or services online.
Manufacturing Index for every product and service in the world.
All the modern chat, and networking features such as video, music, blog, school, work, photos, IM, friend adding, e-mail, etc...

The most interesting aspect of Soconomy is to see how its collective members from around the world will shape the future goals of both the online, and offline worlds.

Soconomy's biggest drawback is that it will have a tough time getting built in the first place because investors do not like funding projects that do not have a huge ROI.

In fact the only way Soconomy could ever be built is if the online community forms an informal network and creates the beta website that is needed to implement these initial services.
The real world and the Internet do not operate like a two way street. You can for example, effectively take money earned online and spend it in the real world to subsidize a chain of coffee shops for its members.

You cannot however take money earned in the real world and use it successfully dominate any area of the Internet. The net is entirely intangible and you can reproduce anything with programming.

The Internet has in fact removed almost all financial and educational barriers to entry normally associated with real world business models.

Soconomy is a way for people to restore democracy and equality to the world.
by Carlito Marqse March 26, 2007
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