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The immediately good feeling your feet experience the moment you take your socks off after a long hard day of work or play.
When Mikey, Todd, Matty and I finished playing golf the other day, when I finally got home, I took my socks off, and had the most amazing sockgasm.
by rastafari73 September 07, 2010
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When you get so excited shopping for socks you have a orgasm...
OMG, I was on the internet shopping and found all these cute socks. I instantly sockgasmed
by SlaveDeb May 21, 2017
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Having or as if having an orgasm from a pair of socks (may or may not be referring to stripy socks). This is usually caused from an acute sock fetish reaction to a particularly liked pair of socks. Sockgasms may be suppressed or even eliminated from exposure to an evil sock monster.
"The blogger that I'm following just got a new pair of stripy socks, and I had major sockgasms"
by Jyusan February 17, 2010
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