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The lies, chaos, overall dysfunction that a sociopath causes their primary target or victim. Since a narcissist, sociopath and psychopath have incomplete operating systems and function on a primitive level, they all do the same horrible things. Blame-shifting, lying, creating problems between two or more parties, creating smear campaigns (defaming) and claiming the target is unfavorable-usually that they are mentally ill, bipolar, crazy, a drug addict or alcoholic are all types of sociosmack.
When Mitch claimed that his X-wife was an alcoholic, people believed him. However, she agreed to random alcohol testing and each time the results indicated that she had no alcohol in her system. Mitch's sociosmack was not limited to alcohol, he also claimed that she had affairs. This was also proven to be sociosmack created by Mitch. His X-wife was a model person.
by Narcblock May 30, 2018
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