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a person who invites oneself to a party/hangout


one who tries to make friends in clique that doesn't like him; by dressing like them or standing with them during recess and lunch breaks, often trying to include themselves in a conversation.
guy 1: dude why is he following you again...? doesn't he know we dont like him?

guy 2: iuno, he keeps saying what're WE doing next weekend...

social terrorist: HEY GUYS, LETS GO FOR A SMOKE

rest of the group: ... ok boss
by macwang October 26, 2010
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People who are always nice when in a group or at work or school and always shaking hands and smiling. When they get home they start their assaults on mankind via blogs, posts, and other internet media outlets with cursing, racial indignation, name calling and general harassment of anyone and everyone. Only to return to work, school, etc. smiling and maintaining their normal sleeper cell persona.
Friend - Hey man how are you?

Social Terrorist - Awesome how about you?

Friend - Did you see on the internet where a guy robbed a bank killed someone and only got 5 years?

Social Terrorist - No, that's a shame but I don't really look at the internet when I'm home I have so much more to do than stay online (secretly can't wait to get home and terrorize everyone he can find on the subject who does not share his view).
by StockCasa August 25, 2011
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Anyone who has refined their ability to give a good first impression only so that they could eventually screw someone over.
Mark: What a fucking social terrorist, that d-bag! He got Alex trusting him 'n shit, borrowed five hundred bucks with the promise of repaying him, and was never heard from again.
by Alderon November 15, 2007
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