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A social snob is a person that is dictated highly by what society thinks. They will follow any thing that their friends think are 'cool'.

Especially in the asian type of social snobs, their mobile phones shows how 'hardkore' they are and they also like to wear dog tags because that also shows their social status.

A social snob will never sort out any disputes by themselves, instead they will bring other friends they consider 'hardkore' online in a instant messaging service to use threats such as "why dont u go suck a dick and shut the fuck up??!!!" or use rebuttals that make no sense such as, "did i sey u did?". Clearly spelling incorrectly is higly common in social snobs, like spelling fuck as fcuk Why is this ? We may never know.

Hair and appearance is a very important to a social snob too. They may dye and cut their hair until it no longer looks natural just to fit in. Appearance is also important online, this is where they like to be because they feel that they have more power. They only take pictures for things such as Xanga or MSN Spaces. They take lots of care in taking a picture; not to take a full picture of their face but to have in in angles, poses, funny faces and of course finger gestures to make them look 'harkore'. The pictures are then also edited with Adobe PhotShop where they add final touches and add a tagline such as "sistarhsz for ever", "simpooly me" and "i l0vez j00".

Now we can talk about names they give them self online in a messaging service. A highly over rated one for girls is "simply 'insert girls name'" which they like to mispell to "simp00ly" or "baby 'insert girls name'" then add the name of the 'crew' they are in.

One thing a person must never do to a social snob is to disrespect them or 'dis' as they call it or backstab them. They are very self conscious and may get their 'harkore' friends to bring on a heap of threats and maybe meet you in an internet cafe.
How to spot a social snob:

1. A highly respectable person in the community does something, the soial snobs will imitate that.

2. Will try to get the latest mobile to out-do their friends.

3. Gives them selves ridiculous nicknames.

How is it used:

1. Look at that chick she's such a social snob, thinks she's soo cool when she's just another stupid girl.

Social snob - "Look at your crappy mobile"
Average person - "My mobile does exactly what it's made for, to call people & talk to people"
Social snob - "So, do you think I care?"
Social snob 2 - "Leave my g'sis alone, go su*k a d*ck and get lost"
by Luke Werthing May 05, 2006
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