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A very right-wing person, particularly equidistant from the center of the political spectrum to Social Justice Warriors, who defends right-wing beliefs openly. They are usually completely red pilled, and typically destroy SJWs by introducing scientific racism and cold facts into arguments. In doing so, they fearlessly and unboundedly offend their left-wing counterparts and totally degenerate normies while laughing their asses off.

Although the political craze is about the same as SJWs, they might be more subject to social alienation because of the current state of political views emanating from the mass media. Among their rational, mostly male, heterosexual friends, they are usually well respected as a defender of the nuclear family and traditional values, and they are very intelligent people overall who have likely not been raised to become what they have become.

They are the most socially trained because they must deduct the nature of their conversation partners before they reveal any information about what they truly believe. A true SJA knows how and when to play his neo-nazi beliefs, and must properly conceal but slowly infect the minds of his close associates until he is sure that they will laugh along with him as he assassinates SJWs.

They are usually called "Justice Assassins" and rely heavily on their down-to-earth squad to protect their fantastic radiance.
Ryan: I swear, yesterday, I saw John absolutely destroy this pink-hair SJW
Drake: I fucking love that neo-nazi Social Justice Assassin
Ryan: But I totally thought he was a liberal
Drake: He is really good at hiding himself
Ryan: Thank God not everyone on this campus is a totally degenerate liberal
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by Justice Assassin October 03, 2016
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