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Term to be used as an adjective, to describe when a situation or conversation is or was so cliche, stereotypical, unbelievable or fake that it could only be found on TV, especially in a soap opera.
Walking in on her twin sister and her long lost child making passionate love in the office of her diabolical stalker psychologist, Evee had quite the Soap Opera Moment.
by Quinn Allen June 06, 2007
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A really dramatic moment in which it seems like your in a soap opera and cheesy music should be playing
1: OMG!!!! He held my hand!
2: That is such a soap opera moment
1: I know!!
by Unknown May 17, 2005
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when something really dramatic happens that seems like it could easily happen on a soap opera.
person 1 "hey"
person 2 "woah! ok! how did you get in my house?!
person 3 "dude, soap opera moment"
by hermoine96 August 03, 2011
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