One of the long forgotten best shows Disney channel ever made
Demons come from every side... In the darkness is the Liiiiight - so weird theme song
by HtbpFilms July 28, 2018
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Coomonly Mistaken For So Strange The Best Tv Show Disney Ever Did It Featured Disney First Dabbleing into The Supernatural Relm With Crazy Star Fiona Phillips That Also Stared Her Crazy Family Molly Phillips (Who just Happened To Be A Famous Singer) and Jack Phillips Molly and Jack Never Belived Fionas Crazy Theroys That Were Somehow Allways True (I'm Suprised They Didn't Lock Fiona Up In Green oaks) The Show Is About Fi's Crazy Mind When She Goes On Tour With Her Rockstar Mom. The plot Was About 14 year old Fiona Phillips Trying To Find Out What Happened To Her Dead Fsther (Give It A Rest He Died When U were 3) On This long Journey Fona Better Known As Fi Encountered ghost and goblins and Zombies and all kinds of weird paranormal stuff. (Or So Fi says) It Had 3 seasons and Fi Went off To live her aunt she was replaced by a stupid annoying Blond Named Annie Thailand Who didn't have any real goal besides becomeing A singer. Because Fi Currupted Annie With Her Crazy Thoughts And Theorys Annie Claims She Sees Sprits and paranormal stuff too.(That poor poor Girl) Annie Becomes Facinated With It and Becomes Just as Crazy as Fi Some Belive She Is Fi's daughter.

No really Its Very Interesting And A good Show

Did I just see A Ghost (No Wait That was Fi Who Saw A ghost)
So weird, Crazy 14 year old Girls, Rockstar Moms, And Paranormal Stuff
by Darien_2010 February 8, 2010
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You're so funny and I would probably bang you but, I'm going to make you put all the effort it for it.
by THEMANCODE September 11, 2016
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The term "So weird" (a bit odd innit in british english) was first used and popularized by Christian Tuyac, monomously known as Unpair.

"So weird" is used as an inside joke by his circle but is now widely used by the whole milky way, the universe rather.
You can also add "Shesh" or "Hays Normies" in using "So weird" which was also Pioneered and created by the one and only Christian Tuyac.

Below is an example on how to use this term.
"Sheesh! So weird. Hays Shut up Normies"😁😁
by oyasumiaw December 28, 2022
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