It can mean a myriad of things. So easy: to fall back into the safe and easy life. So easy: to accept what is readily given. So easy: to believe you are all that you will ever be.
It's So Easy to repeat the same mistakes and call it living the dream. It's So Easy to give up and go back to what is convenient. It's So Easy to accept that what you are now is all that you will ever be. It's So Easy to keep moving forward if you tell yourself...BUT, she loves me & wants to have my kids
by #whileyoucan February 28, 2015
Sarah Palin
Katy Perry
Bristol Palin
Your Mom
Taylor Swift
Justin Bieber
George Bush
The Kardashians
and Princess Daisy.
Snooki is so easy a caveman can do it.
by Everything you're not! January 11, 2011
The equivalent of saying "So easy a cave man can do it." Phrase used to describe an easy task. This phrase originated from Maine. Chris is someone from Maine who looks like a caveman.
Geico auto insurance, you can save 15% in 15 minutes. So easy Chris can do it.
by Troy Wojtaszek November 27, 2007
means that you are a pro at winning
me: wow steve4212, you got the win!
Steve4212: so easy i doont need arms to win
by chishiki April 30, 2021