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A syndrome caused by a sever lack of snow, often referred to as Snow Deprivation Syndrome or commonly referred to as the 'Itch'

Symptoms include:

- Longing for snow
- Excessive purchase of new snow gear
- Extensive time spent on Snow based sites (retail/weather reporting/forums ect)
- Snow Dreams
- Dressing up in snow gear
- prematurely organizing gear for day 1 (waxing boards, picking out outfits, packing bags)
- Watching snow DVD/Films in large quantities

Often sufferers will reside in groups or packs and often discuss their longing for the white season, the new trick for the year, trip plans, snow fall predictions and other various snow related topics.

there are a few known cures, obviously Snow would have an immediate effect. Snowfall can treat symptoms but often does not cure snowitis.
"man i cant wait to try out all my new gear i got, i want to learn this new trick i saw on a DVD i watched the other day"

"this season is going to be siiick"

these are just a couple of snippets from a discussion between sufferers of snowitis
by BOYSAAAA June 03, 2010
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