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Sorry, but Not Sorry. A non-apology.
Variation of Sorry, and used when you don't really mean it.

When said quickly "Snorry"is almost indistinguishable from "Sorry" but leaves the speaker with the warm comfort that they haven't really apologised, and leaves the listener wondering if they really had an apology.

The art in a snorry apology is in the delivery - saying Snorry but it sounding almost entirely like Sorry. Getting cought saying snorry can lead to a serious degradation in the relationship between speaker and listener.
Sarah: Did you eat the last of my birthday cake?!
Sid: Oh yeah, snorry.


Mother: Did you spend the change from the shopping?
Son: Gosh wasn't I supposed to do that? Snorry mum.

Also, ideal in situations when etiquette demands a Sorry but you haven't actually done anything wrong - for example when you defer to someone in a doorway and say Sorry for it - a Snorry is perfect here.
by Quitecontrite March 03, 2012
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It's the "N" you add to sorry, when you are not sorry at all, and wish to state that in a snotty, yet witty manner.
I'm so snorry that my EX's new lady looks like an old horse.
by antipancakes February 18, 2013
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