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In Afrikaans, 'snollie' means booger. In essence, a piece of snot.
Daar hang 'n snollie aan jou neus. (There's a booger hanging from your nose)
by Ghecko85 October 10, 2014
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A Snollie is a very attracting female that can seduce you with just looking at you, once you've made eye-contact you'll most likely be crazy about her. Snollie means slut actually, but she isnt one at all, although she somehow likes to be called like that. As long as she's satisfied and not bored she's a great lover who will admire you very passionately. She has the greatest laugh that will make you melt even if its freezing, her body is stunning and she might be an undercover goddess, no man in the world would ever think twice when she offers to eat a cookie together. There's probably no other girl that can equal her style, simply because she has the style any man would want a girl to have. Things she likes to do are stripping and making sexy pictures, which fits her name very well, but that aint a bad thing ofcourse.
guy1: Damn who's that amazin girl over there
guy2: Has to be Snollie..
guy3: Agree.
guy4: Pretty sure about that.
guy5: Would love to spend a night in bed with her.
guy1: Yeah, me too.
guy2: yeah.. me too..
guy3: Yea, me too
guy4: yep. me too.
guy5: me too....
by ThUndercover_Lover July 20, 2010
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