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A fish meant to be caught EXCLUSIVELY in South Africa and served only in large portions.
"What kind of fucking joke is this? This snoek was caught in New Zealand. And it's so god damn small. Wow. Dude, your shit is weak"


"Dude, I went to Anton's place the other day and he tried to serve me this small ass New Zealand caught snoek."


"Yeah, I swear. I hate him now"
by AllyTangClan July 27, 2012
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Snoek is a type of fish found off South Africa's coast. In South Africa we use 'snoek' to describe a pussy!
"Tastes like snoek" "smells like snoek" "let me see your snoek!" "I'm fishing for snoek"
by fromCT August 17, 2006
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