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Scottsdale, Arizona. It has been dubbed "The Beverley Hills of the Desert."

Stereotypically, the girls are tan blonds with fake breasts; the guys are preppy and rich.

(This is just what I'm told. I love Scottsdale.)
"Those girls act like they're so cool in DADDY'S Audi! They're totally from Snobsdale."
by RoddickRemixed September 06, 2007
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A cynical but sometimes realistic mocking of the name for a somewhat successful bit of gentrification known as Scottsdale, AZ.

"Snobsdale" has gained it's title by having both a name that was just asking for it and a population of people who have been completely invaded by commercialism, suburban sprawl, and completely cut off from the real world.

If you were to visit Scottsdale, AZ you would probably arrive at sky harbor airport. It would been wise to stick to the highways on the way to scottsdale, the 101 loop will get you there quick while enabling you to cruise high above the Maze of apartment buildings, gas stations, department stores, fast food restaurants, and bars. Before long you will arrive in alternate dimension where there are all the things you would see in the lower class areas but much much nicer. The fast food places have artwork, grocery stares have wood floors and are fully stocked and decorated for every holiday.

There is also no racism in "snobsdale" everyone gets there own Latino person to clean there 25 room house; black, white, asian, indian whoever. But it's not like the population isn't at least 97% white.

Scottsdale residents love their own community, the hundreds of giant churches are testament to that. Scottsdale residents are so dedicated to their community that they really don't know what going on elsewhere and can't be "forced" to save the crumbling public infrastructure in their state unless in has to do with scottsdale.
"Let's not go to snobsdale, there is nothing to do but spend money on crap and get a ticket for being poor"

"I wonder where that ridiculous lime green exotic sports car is going...probably snobsdale"

"Why are the public schools in snobsdale still so crappy?" "Hahaha you go to public school?!"
by The Pops May 08, 2014
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