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A fictional species from the Pokémon franchise that made its debut in the 2010/2011 Nintendo DS video games Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version as Pokémon species #495, serving as the Grass-type starter Pokémon for the Unova region.

It is basically a Grass Snake Pokémon whose name is an obvious portmanteau of the words "snake" and "ivy", although the first three letters in Snivy also happen to be the first three letters in the word, "snide".

Long before its official international/English name was announced, it had the fan-given nickname, "Smugleaf", which became an Internet meme. The fan name remains so popular that Pokémon fans are willing to nickname their Snivy as "Smugleaf".
by Just Another Anonymous Person November 23, 2010
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The best new Pokémon of Generation V. Known as Tsutarja in Japan and nicknamed "Smugleaf" prior to its English name being revealed. The grass-type starter of Pokémon Black and White, it has gained notoriety on the Internet, making it the most popular of all the new Pokémon — and with good reason. Have you seen the thing? It's a fucking awesome plant snake with a constant sly smirk. It also looks damn good with a monocle. What more do you want? Plus, it's better than those other shitty Pokémon Tepig (Pokabu) and Oshawott (Mijumaru), which are stupid names if you ask me.
Snivy is the best fucking thing about Pokémon in the past seven years and you know it.
by Snivy November 22, 2010
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snivy is an adjective also meaning horny or randy maybe even reckless at times when thinking about sex.
oh man melissa makes me so effing snivy in that bathing suit!

when u lick me i get all snivy!
by Jake Porter April 20, 2008
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While originally a Pokemon in a newer generation of Pokemon, Snivy looks like a pretentious smug bastard. And it's pretentious smug bastard name has become since an adjective

Therefore making it a synonym of pretentious, smug, and conceited.
Dave was coming off really snivy, acting cool just because he isn't addicted to heroin and has friends and shoes.
by darkierawr April 12, 2013
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The last of the Pokemon of the Unova region.
The Starter Pokemon of the Unova region are: Oshawott, Snivy and Tepig.
by babtothebone February 13, 2011
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