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1.In a covert or slippery fashion.
2.To sneer in excess.
3.A random elation

1. The groupie snithed her way past gate security and into the concert.
2. I told that guy about what I do for a living and he snithely stared at me.

snithely, snithed, snithingly, snithe
by johmbre seeto February 21, 2009
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Used to describe the most unimaginably appalling and utterly disgraceful person. This word should be used in moderation, as hearing it makes you want to snort your filthy phlegm into the back of your throat and spit it out onto whatever putrid being said such word.
Friend 1: Did you hear about what Zac did to Marco the other night?
Friend 2: Yeah, what an absolute snith.
by SnithLord January 9, 2018
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He is a Snith!
by Snith November 25, 2021
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