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Spieng on someone to prove them wrong.
Dat bitch was snipin me last night, just to see if i was in tha mall like she said i was.
by Crunchy Black January 07, 2004
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Verb: Origin; Baton Rouge. Sniping is the act of lying about your goods because you don't want to share them.
Boy 1: Hey, do you have some candy?

Boy 2: Nope... (sneaks candy into his mouth)

Boy 1: (see's him eat the candy) Yes you do, YOU SNIPIN'!
by Jaybeets January 06, 2011
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V. - To doing something in secret.
Hiding something you don't want others to know or have.
That dirty bitch Gina is over there snipin'. I see them chips in her hand.
by Mebzie July 10, 2008
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