1) To cancel someone / something
2) To cut someone out

3) To be uncool
by Snippity-snip-snip October 11, 2020
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Snip, otherwise know as Tye Friedel is a charismatic youngster. If a soccer game magically breaks out mid class, he is ready. Always in soccer gear and most likely has cleats in his bag. His nickname snip transpired from the little grouping of hair on the top of his head that just makes you want to snip it off. Despite his levels of salt that are through the rough he can be nice from time to time.
Look at SNIP, what a soccer guy, he really out here wildin
by Bob Grewbauer January 7, 2020
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An adult female who is a bitch. U have to say it a certain way though!
She is such a snip when she talks to him that way!
by Susie Snowflake Sally December 15, 2019
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The act of borrowing money from an aquaintance especially at an inconvenient time or place.

Also known as a bite or to jaw.
Neighbour 1: Hey Savona, how's it going?

Savona: I was having a burn down the Club and that cunt Kay snipped me for $20. Put the mock on!
by ChifleySt December 12, 2018
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1) A Women
2) Shwaty
3) Baby Girl
4) Short for "Ho-Snip"
Damn those snips over there is wavy son.
by Karl and Allan September 30, 2009
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is one of the fuckin gayest internet connections ever fuck snip and fuck u bri
by max December 10, 2004
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A replacement for the word shit. Often used by pros like Se7oluTion_, Calam1ty, and NuMbeR FIve0.
Se7oluTion_:Man, your such a snip.
Calam1ty:Nah, that queer over there is a snip.
NuMbeR FIve0:I know, what a little sniplet.
by Se7oluTion_ January 21, 2007
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