(Revamp of an older, mistake filled definition.)

Snickety is a term used to describe someone who’s picky or fastidious over detail, but not a complete snob.

There are no other practical, commonly used terms or definitions widely associated with it. Often solely found in games with a word matchup character naming system. (Those, being games for younger audiences.) So it could be said that this is meant to be a lessened version of the word persnickety.
The complaints received were snickety at best, many just wanting small adjustments and fixes.
by WatcherLanguage August 3, 2021
1. a unit of time

2. a measure of place and/or space

3. representative of any bitch (individual) or thing, that embodies the true nature of snickety snack

4. a small golf cart-like vehicle found on most california university campuses.

5. an exclamation of excitement or extreme happiness

6. an exclamation of disgust and resentment, typically said with less enthusiasm, and usually accompanied by a shake of the head and/or fist
1. "i'll be there in a snickety snack."

2. "let's snickety snack it over to the book store."

3. "yo, s n i c k e t y s n a c k. where you been?!"

4. "damn, it's a snickety snack mobile! let's nab that bitch and roll!"

5. "we're rolling back to cali; snickety snack!"

6. "snickety snack. damn those bitches."
by snickety snacks! March 20, 2007