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The act of pooing in the most unexpected places, often where people will likely stumble upon it.
Dude! Someone just Sneaky Poo'ed in my pillow case!
by SneakyPoo November 23, 2007
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A sneakypoo is a type of poo you do at a friends house. When you are too embarrassed to let them know you are actually doing a poo, so you try to sneak in a poo into the time frame of a good sized pee. Hence the name sneakypoo.
*thinks to self* oh no, I really need to take a dump but I don't want people to know. I wonder if I could just do a sneakypoo. *stops thinking*

*does sneakypoo*

*walks out of toilet*

*nobody knows any different*
by Scarlette Rose July 04, 2008
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doing a poo in a public place without anyone realising
hey john guess what, i just took a Sneaky Poo in the middle of that crowd. Sneaky Poo
by CheesyNoob321 June 07, 2017
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The act of doing a quick poo in a toilet/place that is not your own bathroom. Usually involves flushing quickly to be extra sneaky.

normally the sneaky poo is done in the form of an AGB after staying the night out somewhere.
"Aw man i really need an AGB"
"haha yeah i already did a sneaky poo really early this morning"
by Kaity4ShrumpyRumpy:) January 12, 2010
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