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There are three steps to a sneaky nancy.

1. Before sex, the girl asks the guy if she has protection, and the guy says "yes, right here" and shows her a condom in its wrapper. But he DOESN'T put it on before having sex.

2. When the guy is about to cum, he punches the girl in the head (knocking her out) pulls out, and then jizzes in her hair, and gives her a crazy hair-do with it.

3. Finally, before leaving, he puts the un-opened condom in the girls mouth for her to find when she wakes up.
Joe: Dude, what happened with you and Bridgette last night?
Fred: Hahaha i totally gave her a Sneaky Nancy!
Joe: Seriously? Bad know she has the clap, right?
Fred: ...OH SH%#
by tc&smtotallydidthis June 02, 2009
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