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Stealing titles/claims to fame. Became popular after youtube video of a Brazilian Drag Queen literally having her wig snatched by a loser became viral.
Did you see how the Harry Potter movie broke worldwide records?!? Snatching wigs left and right.
by HeyRedRock July 17, 2011
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The act of figuratively losing your hair (wig) in response to a particularly amazing or shocking information or situation, to signify that you nearly lost your shit. The imagery is that said wig a) flies through the air; b) may interfere with air traffic if a group of wigs are snatched; c) may be seen from space if reacting to really fantastic events or information. This is deadass the highest form of reaction. Antonyms include Low-key
When BigHit Entertainment dropped the comeback date for BTS with no warning, they were snatching wigs AGAIN and sent them into orbit.

When John Cena stanned kpop, he was basically snatching wigs off nearly every fandom.

At Coachella, when the shadows of Destiny's Child appeared, Queen Bey & company were snatching wigs off everyone in attendance, those watching online, and those who hadn't even seen it yet.
by Hallyuhoo May 27, 2018
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To humiliate someone. Likely derives from cat fights, where women would grab at each others hair.
That girl would not take no shit. She was snatching wigs and taking names.
by KeenObserver May 17, 2011
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