What people that aren't up to date call screenshots
Grandma: "Take a snapshot of that picture and message it to me!"
by Casibeth March 12, 2017
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The use of the snapshot function on Skype to take pictures of your girlfriend/boyfriend for masturbation material
Ali-Have you and your bird just been having Skype sex?
Glen-Nope she's busy so I had a snapshot wank instead
Ali-Fair play mate
by Merryman69 March 8, 2011
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When a guy poses for the mirror and takes pictures of himself with a camera or his cellphone (typically with his cellphone). These guys normally take off their shirt and take a picture of themselves to attract higher level of queers. It is very commonly seen on myspace,facebook, and other social networking sites. Guys who faggot snapshot of themselves are known as queer baits.
I have a six pac and I want to show it off to all the ladies on my facebook. So I became shirtless and snapped some so-called "hot" pictures of myself in front of the mirror. The next day, I attracted a shitload of queers and all the girls lol'd at me.
by BenchMax345 February 24, 2010
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Any person of the male species who take a photo of themselves in an attempt to seem superior. The ultimate goal is to let others perceive them as being above the average person, but the actual outcome is one of being called a faggot and losing man points.

This includes photos where the subject is posing without a shirt on, wearing non-prescription spectacles, looking upwards to the right or left, doing the " The Thinker" pose or a combination of any previously mentioned examples. Because real men do not do things like this, as they know that they are the alpha dog.
"Dude, Josh posted another photo of himself alone in his room, pretending to be studying or something. And since when does he wear glasses? I hate it when he posts faggot snapshots"
"Holy crap, what a faggot. I really want punch his face in, but I don't hit girls."
by Nedla93 June 9, 2013
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A misleading photograph typically displayed on social networking sites. Used to falsify appearance and physical atributes.
- "That bitch on Facebook is fucking hot."

- "Nah that bitch is fat as fuck, she just took her photo on that magic fat girl angle"

- "Gaih, fucknig Social Snapshots!"
by intergalacticbrotherhoodofU.D February 25, 2011
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to go on a tour and take a quick snapshot experience of a tourist attraction, not even beginning to experience anything beyond the viewfinder.
Nick- I want to go on a european trip of backpacking and hitchhicking.
Matt- Thats a great idea, just don't partake in any snapshot tourism.
Nick- Don't worry, Im not one of those people.
by nick pryde March 9, 2006
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