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A relationship between two people that only involves Snapchat messages and hooking up. No phone numbers or other forms of social media are ever exchanged. The relationship can last anywhere from a few hours to a couple years, but feelings are never known. In general, little to no personal information is ever exchanged. The people involved in this type of relationship differ from a regular hookup because they are usually best friends on the app. In contrast, they rarely talk or see each other in person unless hooking up. The longer a relationship like this last is directly proportional to the difficulty of ending it.

When talking on the app is avoided for more than a week, many will feel like they are being ghosted (even if photos are normally sent for streaks). If this regularly occurs then simmering is usually felt.
Katie: Are you still Snapchatting Nick?
Maggie: Yes. Iā€™m going to his place later tonight. We have a Snapchat Relationship.

Katie: Whatever. At least I know my fuck buddyā€™s last night.
by eightballshawty June 30, 2018
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When two people have each other as #1 on their best friend's list, showing that they are into each other for all their 'followers' to see.
Person 1: 'Hey man, did you see Cameron is number 1 on Violet's Snapchat?'
Person 2: 'Yeah, and she is number one on his.'
Person 1: 'Yeah, everyone knows they like each other from their Snapchat relationship.'
by CupOfSpiders December 12, 2014
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