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Meaning is twofold: it either represents a picture of an actual vagina being send over Snapchat.

Or, it defines a person, could be male or female, who is unwilling to let a picture voluntarily be taken of themselves in a certain obscure position, or of certain revealing body parts, with the intend of being send over Snapchat.
Stan and Angie are about to have a hot session of good sex. Angie is dressed to the occasion, wearing some kind of hot net stocking outfit. She is dancing.

Stan is able grab his cell and open up Snapchat to make a good picture for his mates. ( Since they are never gonna believe Stan is actually able to have sex with this woman).

1. When Stan is making his way down for some oral pleasuring, he takes his cell with him. Angie has no idea: 'click' / 'send': Snapchat pussy

2. Angie sees Stan reaching for his phone, and pointing at her. She freaks out and knocks his cell out of his hands.

Angie: "what the hell do you think you're doing?"
Stan: "common, its just a little peak over Snapchat!"
Angie: "the hell you won't!!"
Stan: "Jeezz, its on one second!!...........tsss..(mumbling)...Snapchat pussy!"
by Stanley Dutch June 05, 2013
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