a social gathering place, such as a bar, where the number of men always seem to outnumber the women.
Dude. I hate this bar. It's a regular snake pit.

You're in West Hollywood, dude.
by bigfuckingal November 18, 2009
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A girl or girlfreind who brings nothing but agony or pain into a realationship, often corrupting said boyfreind turning him away from his freinds and makeing his life revole around her.
Stay far away from that girl, I'm warning you, she's a snakepit.
by presario69 June 08, 2010
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(N) When a group of males stand in a circle as closely as possible with their erect penises all facing inward. Grabbing the person's penis to the right, the person applies a generous amount of lubrication and vigorously strokes away.
After a long day of practice, the guys decided to join in on a snakepit for a little R&R.
by Hodar March 10, 2017
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When you defecate in a toilet, and are surprised by the volume of faeces you see when you look down.
A specific example of this is when you have a perceptively sudden and strong buildup of excrement and do not expect the substantial volume and number of faeces you find. The sight of your creation resembles a snake-pit.
Holy crap Louis, I just made a snake-pit in there. I should have taken my camera-phone in there!
by spankey666 February 12, 2012
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