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A plethora of delicious tasting food, that may cause an orgasm for your mouth like Thanksgiving dinner, or a very well-catered party.

Delicious in that it may cause your mouth to drool uncontrollably, ergo orgasm for your mouth.
Friend #1: DUDE! LOOK AT ALL THAT AMAZING FOOD! I'm salivating just LOOKING at it!

Friend #2: DUDE, I know, bro. I'm totally going to swan-dive into this Smorgasmborg, like NOW!

Friend #1: Dude, this food sucks.

Friend #2: Totally. Sarah is going to ask how the food was at the party, and I'll have to fake a Smorgasmborg so I don't hurt her feelings.
by Norwegian Merovingian August 13, 2012
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