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When there is an unavoidable delay in an activity, some people will say "smoke 'em if you got 'em" as a way of saying "this is going to take a while to fix, so you might as well do something other than just wait (like taking a smoke break)".
After Joe's car broke down on the deserted country road, he called a tow truck and told his passengers "Smoke em if you got em".
by hogarth June 12, 2006
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When in a predicament when it appears there is no escape, one smokes if they have them because the health effects no longer matter.

Said in a time when death is imminent.
As the extinction-level asteroid tumbles toward earth...

John: "I can't believe we're all going to die like this..."
Mark: "Smoke em if you got em, boys. This is it."
John: <lights up>
by BakeCarrots December 29, 2008
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Indicates that the smoking tobacco is permissible and encouraged.

Originated in mid-20th century wartime. Commonly used during small gatherings of allied troops. Tobacco was a rationed commodity, at the time, and was generally in short supply.

The term was later popularized in Hollywood war movies.
The commanding officer would typically use the term when opening a meeting in order to get the troops' attention and to relax them (assuming, of course, that they 'had em').

"It's getting rough out there. We've got to review strategy. Smoke 'em if you got 'em. We've got some tough decisions to make...."
by Dave Devoid August 01, 2006
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1. In a battle, when both sides have ammo, and lots of em, they just let loose.
2. A fast moving ping pong rally.
3. When an activity is chosen, and its not sure if everyone has the required equipment, the leader yells smoke em if you got em, and the activity commences
by dildo monger June 02, 2004
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