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Mr. Smith is now...
Smithler: the Hitler of Braun!
(see Braun Educational Center)

Accused 1,000's of Jewish people for all the problems in Germany.

Wanted the tall and blonde, he was short and dark.

Waged wars of aggression on people from other countries.

Provoked the lives of many people, then we entered World War 2.

Cost the lives and money of many innocent people.

threatened the safety of the Jewish people.

killed many innocent people.

was the leader of the Nazis.

Accused 100's of kids for things they didn't do.

Wanted kids to have a good education, he was giving them a crappy one.

Used acts of aggression and harassment on kids from other schools.

Provoked the emotions of many kids, then the kid had to enter the Crisis Room.

Cost privileges and time of many kids.

threatened the safety and education of kids.

Killed the positive side of many innocent kids.

was the leader of evil teachers


Smithler: half Mr. Smith, half Hitler, ALL EVIL!

Tom: Man! we're getting laughed at by other schools cuz of Smithler!
by pimpmaster25 August 24, 2008
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another name for an idiot, pretty much someone that gets drunk and passes out, and wakes up with shit drawn all over his face
dude, you're so stupid, you're dumber than a smithler
by whodatwho November 22, 2004
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