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a creature who dwells the caves of baltimore county and who looks exactly like smeigel from lord of the rings. He is constantly made fun of for this feature and somehow gets play from girls way out of his league, just like Shenfeld. He is known to be down with people that have the name Christina and also likes to search for the ring. He found it one time but then Shenfeld thought it was bird food and ate it, then they battled and Shenfeld got his ass kicked. Smiegel also smells really bad, but still lives a fulfilling life.
"Dude, smiegel fuckin stinks today!"
"Well he does live in a cave and he is over 800 years old"
"O yea i forgot"
"You idiot"

Smeigel you are so fuckin ugly

Smiegel can whoop shenfeld's ass because shenfeld is a pussy

by john derbak March 05, 2006
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Someone who smears his pelvis; commits pelvic smearage
That person is a smiegel and look what he did to his pelvis
by Brett January 28, 2005
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originates from the name Jeff Smiegel.
1. n. (-ism) a humorous word or phrase quickly made up to describe a recent event.
2. v. to ask one to a peppering of inappropriate questions at an inappropriate time, later resulting in an akward silence leaving a feeling of regret for opening your mouth (optional).
1. guy #1: hey, dude, he just stole my wave!
guy #2: i know, bro! he totally schraalped you!
guy #1: ?????
guy #2: it's the sound your board makes in the water when
someone quickly whips around to steal your wave.
guy #1: ohhh...kayyy...
guy #3: bro, that's such a smiegelism!

2. guy #1: hey, man. i'm dave.
guy #2: hey! where do you work and how much do you
guy #1: um excuse me?
guy #2: aww, crap! sorry, i totally smiegeled you!
guy #1: ha ha... alrightythen...

by smeigelism July 22, 2008
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