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(v.) 1. to call into question another's fidelity 2. an investigative method using the olfactory system to determine if a boyfriend has been with another woman
Girlfriend: "Where you been? You know what time it is, fool?"

Boyfriend: "Chill, I was out with the fellas!"

Girlfriend: "Ah-uh, fool! You were out with bitches, weren't you? Let me smell yo dick!"
by Noam Chumpsky April 27, 2008
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The last resort in the extensive investigation that takes place when a woman believes that her significant other is cheating on her.
"Why you comin' home at five in the morn'? Somethin's goin' awn, lemme smell yo dick. Don't play me like a foo', 'cuz dat ain't coo'. What you need to do is lemme smell yo dick."
by Katelyn H November 30, 2007
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