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Smashmatic: adj. Describes a person, place, or thing that requires AUTOMATIC smashing or mashing

Similar to Smash on Sight or S.O.S
"Dr. Dre's Beats be Smashmatic!"
"Shorty over there with the tennis skirt on…Smashmatic like a mugg."
"Them new dudes is over here Short Stoppin sales. As far as I'm concerned they're whole Set is straight Smashmatic mayne!"
by The Skurge March 13, 2010
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The abstract study of number, quantity, and space as they relate to the chances of getting laid.
If Alex is a solid 8.5, and there are two mid-tier sorority girls, Becky and Rachel, 6.3 and 7.4 respectively, at the bar. What are the chances Alex goes home with one or both of them when corrected for possible cockblockage? The smashmatics are showing a high nut probability.
by The alpacalypse May 22, 2018
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