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1) Taken from the name Spartacus, it refers to someone who is really smart.

2) It can also refer to someone who has a really smart or good idea.

3) A genius.
1) I am so smart, I am such a Smartacus.

2) That is such a good idea. That was a very Smartacus thing for you to say.

3) You Smartacus! You are such a genius.
by Bob Knight October 18, 2007
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In reverence and a // to the brave Spartacus, leader of the slave revolt in Roman times after the death of Christ.
With a tweak to Spartacus to add a hint of intelegence along with brave spirit to resist government oppression and overreach.
Your thoughts and words are both brave and intelligent, Smartacus.
by Truth_finder June 14, 2018
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