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Smalls disease occours when a person is pasty white with red hair and knows he can't get laid so he sits home every day amd jerks off 21 times a week. The symptoms are a small penis, low sperm count, pasty white skin, and being over 6 feet. If u have smalls diease ether find a horny ugly chick to get laid at least once or you screwed to a life in front of computer with your fist in your pants
Hey kev. Brendon has pasty skin, red hair, and a small wang. Dude hes also always home SHIT KEV i think Brendon has smalls diease we gotta find him an ugly chick and fast
by Kris February 13, 2005
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A person that masterbates 21 or more times a week. A person with smalls disease is usually over 6 feet tall and have the first name brendan, once you have this disease there is no turning back. Symptoms include; small dick, increase in height, and red har. If symptoms occur seek help immediately
Brendan i didn't know you had smalls disease, that is sick, go away.
by Kevin February 10, 2005
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When a person says they are going to stop masterbating becasue they think its a chore, but in actuality they are still masterbating 21 times a week. They just say that so people doint think that they masturbte all the time. Other symptoms include if u live next to a hot girl named Venessa and u dont take advantage of it.
Oh my god kris, brendan will never stop masterbating he just has smalls disease and will always have it, he cant pull a wool over our eyes. PLus he lives next to that hot girl named Vee, man shes awesome
by Kevin Devlin March 16, 2005
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