(n) a small male genital area, a small penis

(n) a phrase used to display your dissatisfaction towards another person, male or female.
Dude, you have such a small meat.

Chris: Do you wanna go fishing around 7 tonight?
Boomer: Nah dude, I have to go to a family dinner.
Chris: You are such a small meat!
by DJ_Calli August 04, 2008
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A man who is sexually active who is also the coherent owner of a small penis (small meat).

Also a woman/male who has a sexual encounter with a man with a small penis can be said to of had a (Small Meat Romance)
Bob; did you see lil Jerry in the shower today after football? Didn’t realise he was a small meat romantic

George; yeah only just tho, poor bloke wasn’t given much in the penis department, can’t believe his wife is so open about her small meat romance
by Gregg Edward June 06, 2021
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