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Smaids- a type of S.T.D you get from watching way to much youtube expecialy the smosh chanel.

you may also get if form shitting yourself trying to go supersayin 4 cause its just not possible

You can help treat this by NOT LISTANING TO JUSTIN BEBIER(if you listian to his music you will be impailed by a godly ninja)
"hey did you ever hear about that guy who dided from smaids??" "yeah i hurd he was a big smosh fan and he loved Justin Bebier." "dumbass he should have known."
by Czero May 05, 2010
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The act of being Smart and Stupid at the same time.
Person 1: Look at John over there.
Person 2: Doesnt he look a bit Smaid?
by SeagullLettuce September 11, 2018
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