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An alcoholic mixed shot consisting of one part Malibu Passion Fruit Rum and one part Cranberry Juice.
Dude, those slutty virgins last night fucked my world. Oh and so did that hot blonde after I brought her home.
by Sir Sam Lang January 30, 2010
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Usually someone who is a virgin but acts slutty..

It can be because they do everything else but actual penetration (such as anal penetration instead of pussy penetration or various sexual acts without penetration ie. A handjob).

Sometimes it is just a virgin with strong desires for sex (but for some reason doesn't engage in it, eg. They are afraid to do it or they don't trust someone enough to do it or they just like to tease) and shows it by acting slutty, saying dirty things, thinking dirty things or dressing in a slutty way.. But who doesn't put out. They can be a Horny Virgin too.

Sometimes it is done on purpose and sometimes the person is not aware of it.
Person 1: Wow, she acted so slutty online but she's really timid in real life.. What's with that?

Person 2: Oh, she's a Slutty Virgin.. She likes to talk about sex and acts slutty but she's too scared to go all the way.
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by dsKittiCie May 08, 2018
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A girl/guy that will date everybody but wont give up the vagene or the pen-us.
Hey Christian did you see that slutty virgin is dating somebody else today?

Bro I dated that slutty virgin...
by HardChicken69420boiXxxX January 23, 2018
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