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A Slutheimer can be found in Haltom City, Tx. Its a one of a kind creature. Can't trust your boyfriend, girlfriend, mom, dad, siblings, or even pets around this beast. She can fit just about ANYTHING in her birth canal. She'll fuck your boyfriend and half of your town in the same day. Sometimes late at night after the birth givers have fallen asleep you can see the Slutheimer sneaking out to find her next victim. Don't be care free around the Slutheimer, always have protection and make no direct skin to skin contact. Just kissing her puts you in contact with the last 10 or more dicks that entered her mouth within the past 24 hours. Don't let her innocent little girl act fool you, she is a nasty slut. She would be a whore. but she's not worth the money or even a crumb of crack-cocaine. Anyone who decides to be in a relationship with this wild animal gets cheated on at least five times before its been a month. Slutheimer is no joking matter.
"Hey bro my dick really burns when I piss and I have sores all over me, what caused all this mess?"
"Man, its probably from when you fucked that Slutheimer. I turned down that pass around for a reason."
"You're probably right, I got her after the whole football team was done with her."
by Cream3.14 November 17, 2014
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A person (like Stephanie) who makes up words and then won't tell really inportant people what the mean.
She said it was tripintactular so I told her to quit acting like a slutheimer.
by Vice Moon Master August 12, 2008
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