Common Phrase for hard work and patience.

The Slow Grind is essentially the most important element in building a relationship with a girl. The Slow Grind is referred to as a tactical technique for getting a girl. It is key to not rush things, since this is assured to backfire on you. One must not rush into a relationship with a girl, but instead use the Slow Grind technique. Like any thing in life, one must work hard for it. (This is the grind component). Building off of this, things will most likely go in your direction if you are patient and optimistic.

You cannot expect glory in the blink of an eye. The ultimate goal of the Slow Grind is to succeed. With that being said, success comes with time and patience. That is why you must be cautious of your own actions toward a girl and not take things to the next level when it is not the time yet. For instance, if you like a girl and she appears to like you too, it wouldn't be a bad idea to make conversation with her and get to know her hobbies and her personality better. The bad move in this situation would be to invite her out with you if she doesn't even know you well enough yet. Us guys understand that girls are not prizes to be won or to be showed off to friends, but need to be treated with respect and kindness. To increase the chances of the Slow Grind working in your favor, take things slow and have a positive attitude.
Example 1: Guy 1: "Yo what's good homies." Guy 2: "Ayy not much, I'm just working on that slow grind." Guy 3: "Hell yeah dude!"

Example 2: Guy 1: "Yo are you going to get with that girl?" Guy 2 : "Bro, you already know that I'm on that slow grind."

Example 3: Guy 1: "Why don't you make a move already?" Guy 2: "I figured it would be better if I use the slow grind." Guy1 : "Good choice man!"
by Yowhat'sgood-S October 18, 2017
Slow Grinding is when a male or female comes up behind another male or female and rubs their genitals on the buttocks of their slow grind partner. Crank That Soulja Boy is a dance, Slow Grind is a way of life and will last forever. There is a podcast called SlowGrind FM that broadcasts the Slow Grind genre of music. Perfected by Thomas Semere, Adeeb Chowdhury, Shabir Chowdhury, & Jinoo Jain of Santa Clara, California(the point of origin).
John: "Wow Thomas! You slow grinded the hell out of her!!

Thomas: "John, it's what I do. My lower body is perfect for gyrating with the fairer sex."
by Craigwick Davidson December 3, 2009