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A sluttty douche bag. Applies to both men and women, but Ke$ha in particular.
Ke$ha ditched her friend at the party and acted like a complete slouche bag by dry humping every dude in the room.
by NotSage September 09, 2010
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A term to call people who piss you off when you don't want to be offensive to women.
GAH! I hate that kid! He's such a total slouche bag!
by Tmunger November 02, 2007
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Combination of "Sleaze Bag" and "Douche Bag" that you say when furiously trying to describe someone you loathe and can't decide which term you want to use, so they come out at the same time.
So Becca, how'd your date go?" "Don't fuckin' get me started... he kept trying to get me to "try the long island iced tea" because "they make it really good here". He tipped the bartender to keep putting too much booze in my drinks. Then he offered to pay my cab fare on the condition that I was going back to his apartment. He was such a fucking... sl... d... slouche bag!
by Pretley Sanders August 27, 2010
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a cross between a d-bag and a slut
1: im gonna "have some fun" with ur bf
2: u slouchebag!!
by Mochrange June 10, 2010
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