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A Sloppy Brett is the term given to the loose nub of skin that hangs from Brett Favre's asshole after he has been pumped from behind by a majority of the Green Bay Packers front office. A Sloppy Brett will most likely resemble a pig's ear after he rolls around in the mud. The act of Sloppy Brett dates way back to 1922 when the WBSA, or the Wisconsin Bun Stuffin' Association was first founded by Pappy Pootin.
Oh My God! I had no idea that after that cow gave birth that it would look like a Sloppy Brett!
by SweedishFish424 April 11, 2006
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A term that orginated after Brett Favre's 1996 Super Bowl run with the Packers. After a game, the Packer's defensive line would take hot showers together. For some odd reason, Brett would want to join them. As soon as Brett would step in the shower, Gilbert Brown decided he wanted a Gilbert Burger and would procede to insert his meat into Brett's southern ass. When it became time for the rest of the D linemen's turn, Brett was so lose, the sex was sloppy, as if it was like throwing a hotdog down a hallway. After that season, they referred to him as "Sloppy Brett".
The state penitentiary is a holding cell for Sloppy Bretts.
by Norwegian Wood April 11, 2006
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